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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Toward a Better Future With AlphaCar


Based on blockchain technology, IoV, Big Data and AI, AlphaCar will create automated car and evaluation records and evaluations that can not be tampered with or removed, and optimize the efficiency and quality of automotive industry services. We will provide all parties with an untrustworthy Token Economy.

BitBose is a good and promising project. Especially if it is related to the token problem. that the greatness of this project is to have your own token, known as BOSE or TokenBose. This token utilities and base currency platform BitBose based on ERC20. The transactions of the system are not only clean and transparent, but with the help of the ethereum peer to peer blockchain, there can be very minimal projects that are born and trained in solutions. One million projects have a resolution of colors on this earth. Everything, but nothing and nothing to address the better direction than earlier in this session, is just practical and plastic economic power.
As always, the energy and attractiveness of the latest projects. His name is also new, of course, everything is still smooth and difficult in the face of the latest technology. In this beautiful new Bit Bose project he comes by offering good news to those who want to join him.
Need to know what BitBose with its present platform to create a fully decentralized banking solutions. Its existence will not only disrupt the normal banking structure, but also offer investment opportunities based on blockchain technology around ethereum. Important characteristics BitBose
The mission of the BitBose platform is to create a decentralized integrated banking solution that will not only spread the usual banking structures, but will also offer investment opportunities based on blockchain technology.Bose Token is the motto Of the bitbose platform based on ERC20 using the ethereum blockchain, which means the fastest and most transparent transaction with very small fees. - Investment solutions for banking. This platform offers unique investment banking solutions, such as portfolio funds, crypto loans, mineral extraction rewards program.Intelligent hybrid trading solutions for trade and payments.
Our unique investment solution is designed to maintain adequate liquidity by exchanging multiple crypto and crypto currencies that at first glance shift to modern intelligent business exchanges and modern payment solutions.The team consists of world-class developers, traders, financial advisors and blockchain experts.Bose Token is Fully compatible with all rules, Compliance, KYC and AML.You can currently buy your token at PRESALE with 40%Crypto / Fiat FinanceTo prove the integrity of the program Crypto Loans of BitBose is allowed to Finance in crypto / Fiat by making their cryptography platform BitBose.
Loan application and simple loan, instant approval and no credit check. Earn money directly credited to your Bank account.
Competitive rate of interest without pre-payment. Maintain your reputation and enjoy financial freedom. Also, there is no capital lock because you can withdraw your assets at any time.Recently I came across such an interesting project as Alphacar, and in this article, I would like to talk about it in more detail.
AlphaCar. Based on the technologies blockchain, IoV, Big Data and AI, AlphaCar will make it impossible to forge or delete records of transactions and evaluation of cars and optimizes the efficiency and quality of car maintenance. We will provide all parties with a shameless community of Token Economy.
In the automotive industry marker market AlphaCar, the global automotive industry will be transformed into an inconclusive market with a typical lemon market. All parties in the symbolic economy of AlphaCar will be both consumers and shareholders. The network effect will make the value of the AlphaCar community exponential. This mechanism of positive feedback will lead to rapid growth of the community. This paradigm shift will create an overflow effect of monumental wealth, similar to the huge energy release of the nuclear fusion process. Members of the community will share the enormous wealth created by the paradigm shift.
AlphaCar is a community of Token Economy, developed by a team of developers to serve the global automotive industry. It will be used by all consumers and commercial players. A public blockbuster will record all transaction records among consumers and auto commercial players to create a carefree Token Economy community and reward tokens of all community members who contribute to the Token Economy community.
There are a number of shortcomings in the current blockchain technology, such as the resource of mining waste (Proof of Work), long waiting periods for confirmation and limited network bandwidth, making it difficult to support DApps in real time, such as payment. However, the DApp Data-on-chain AlphaCar is a reverse application that does not require real-time implementation. Thus, it can be implemented using the batch of asynchronous data processing technology to store data from the AlphaCar Token community. The economy on the blockbuster.
There are 3 components of this project:
Block and the auto industry. The automotive industry is the largest market in the world, and the block industry is the best technology to solve the problem. Based on the inherent properties of blockchain technology, AlphaCar will make it impossible to fake or delete all transaction records in the automotive industry.
Large data with IOV. The platform has the ability to connect to mass equipment and the ability to process data in real time, which support personalized pricing for car insurance and the implementation of the joint use of private cars.
Network effect. The network effect refers to the "Metcalfe law", which is offered by Internet pioneer Robert Metcalfe. The law establishes that the value of the network is proportional to the square of the number of members of the network. The AlphaCar value will increase exponentially in proportion to the number of community members.
The advantages of the project:
Overall design. Designers all over the world collectively develop new cars and share awards.
General research and development. Engineers around the world collectively develop new cars and share awards.
Car exchange. Provide cars in a safe way through the block and IoV technology.
Insurance based on use. UBI will reward good driving behavior.
Car maintenance and repair. Survival of the survivors is the safest.
Automotive trade. Lock large data transparent price
As a centralized organization serving the global automotive industry, AlphaCar.The fund helps global stakeholders in the automotive industry develop a healthy economy and the benefits from it. Owners of cars will enjoy a 24-hour and constantly be improving car services, such as insurance based on use, car exchange, car sales, auto financing and auto repair and maintenance. Automobile transactions records of AlphaCar members will be written to the block and analyzed using AI algorithms with large amounts of open source data. Car service rating of suppliers will constantly improve along with the best consumer impressions. This will help quality service providers to grow rapidly in the economy.
Token Sale. ACAR is a token with real-world applications that can be used to pay for services in the AlphaCar ecosystem. The total number of ACARs is 10 billion and will never be released.
Participate in the project will be available from June 18.
The global automotive industry is a $ 10 trillion market. AlphaCar will support the defenseless cooperation of all members of the community, which includes areas such as design, R & D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, logistics, finance, insurance, maintenance and processing, and so on.
Community members will receive tokens as rewards. AlphaCar will establish itself as the leading platform in the global automotive industry of Token Economy.
In this figure, you can clearly understand the structure of the distribution of tokens:

Roadmap. Also on the project site is a road map, calculated until 2021.
Team. The project site has information about the development team and advisors, so you can see each member.
Bounty. If you are interested in this project, you can take part in its bounty program, spreading information about it in social networks.
In conclusion, I would like to say that I am interested in this project, as it will be a very useful platform that will combine the car market with the blockbuster.

                                                               Project Team

Bill Deng

Founder & CEO
Once a Ph.D candidate of Prof. Vernon Smith, a Nobel Prize winner in economics. Former CIO of Chery Group, Senior IT director of GAC-FCA and FOSUN Group. 20-year experiences in IT and automotive industry in both China and the United States.

Ray Zhang

IOV Technical Lead
He owns many patents on the Internet of things. He used to be served in Marvell Electronics, Intel APAC Research Center and other companies. 10-year experience in the semiconductor and internet of things industry.

Leo Chen

Blockchain Technical Lead
He owns a patent on Blockchain. An expert of blockchain.

Michael Lu

Insurance Technical Lead
Fellow of Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS), Fellow of China Association of Actuaries (FCAA) .He formerly worked for ISO, AIG and Deloitte. Over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry in the United States and China.

Bitcointalk username : tawi_exxel 


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