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Monday, August 20, 2018

CryptoLancers | freelancing peer-to-peer terdesentralisasi

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ABOUT CryptoLancers

  The CryptoLancers platform is a decentralized peer-to-peer, platform and CryptoLancers token for online payment services, making it possible to connect between project leaders and service providers by helping people bring innovative projects to life, and hiring freelancers to deliver related work and services .
  By using distributed computing to be solved
in the case of online payment service transactions, which are attached to existing systems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform. CryptoLancers decentralized ecosystems use blockchain technology and smart contracts that can facilitate customers such as project payments on agnostic trust platforms, which are often greatly increased
will reduce the risk of fraud and there is no risk to the other party.

CryptoLancers's goals and advantages

  The blockchain revolution in Freelance 2.0 "The world is changing more and more 
We are leading this change
" this is our slogan for the progress of the project and the life of CryptoLancers now and in the future.
  What makes CryptoLancers freelancers different from others, CryptoLancers uses distributed Blockhcain technology using the P2P mechanism and is implemented in Ethereum as a Smart Contract and includes a compatible ERC20 utility token, called CLT, which is used for payments.
   All payments will be made in the CLT token, and the CryptoLancers platform will determine less than 2% of the total service price. CryptoLancers aims to rediscover the freelancing community, using the latest blockchain technology and virtual currencies. So with this technology system, CryptoLancers has several advantages among others, are summarized as follows :
  • Pear-to-Pear distributed network | The CryptoLancers platform provides infrastructure to support distributed applications using P2P mechanisms. It is designed to facilitate online payment transactions, which help secure smart contracts and avoid buggy codes. Peer to peer The CryptoLancers platform is characterized by decentralization, self-chosen participation, self-allocated tasks, community-based moderation and diversity of participants.
  • Fees | Our CryptoLancers platform takes less than 2% of the amount fixed by the contract of the project which means that it takes the cheapest of the contracts. all.
  • Instant Payments |  Payments are automatically released by smart contracts straight to your ETH wallet so that immediate withdrawals without delays or cancellations.
  • Decentralized system | Crypto Lancers network is a decentralized system to provide high security and integrate services
  • Domain name | Instant domain transfer to another hosting server on the blockchain based on a P2P network.
  • Blockchain SSL Security | More secure SSL. Faster server times. No more: SQL injections / Cross Site Scripting (XSS) / Broken Authentication and Session Management. / Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Security | CryptoLancers platform provides a very high security toolthat combines multiple IP security systems within the same intuitive interface to simplify your operations and secure your activities, considering Nasty Chargeback, credit card fraud,hacking payments and fake account reviews.
  • Integrating security | Ensuring the integration of security is one of our major concerns,using advanced security methods to guarantee the quality of our services and ensure the best functioning of payment services.
  • Cloud Security | The CryptoLancers platform uses security software to control and protect the flow of information into and out of your cloud resources. CryptoLancers Cloud Security helps you adopt the cloud securely.With it, you can better manage security for the way the world works today. It protects users against threats anywhere they access the Internet, and it protects your data and applications in the cloud.


Token info
CLT token
Ethereum platform
Type ERC20
Tokens Cryptolancer current market analysis
Pre-sale 1 Price: $ 0.200
Maximum amount of tokens to be sold:
5,000,000 out of 100,000,000 (5%)
Minimum purchase amount: $ 10,000
Pre-sale 2 Price: $ 0.375
Maximum amount of tokens to be sold:
10,000,000 out of 100,000,000 (10%)
Minimum purchase amount: $ 1,000
ICO Price: $ + 0.498
Maximum amount of tokens to be sold:
22,500,000 out of 100,000,000 (22.5%)
Minimum purchase amount: 0.5 ETH
Cryptolancer tokens total softcap: $ 1,500,000
Cryptolancer tokens total hardcap: $ 11,250,000


       Token Distribution
Cryptography will be distributed as widely as possible during a token distribution event at launch. The distribution will consist of keeping a well calculated number for the CryptoLancers team, as well as a private and public capped sale of tokens.


The meeting of the team of founders, developers, designers, and the team of security.
Start in whitepaper and apply all the suggestions of the whole team.
Market analysis of the token and the study of:
All algorithm of sell tokens.
Freelancing application cost.
The whitepaper has been completed.
Conference meeting with all interested investors and all the team.
Pre-sale initiating tokens over 45 days.
CLT listings tokens on exchanges after one month of starting the pre-sale.
Defining and initial development of the platform structure.
Beta test version release.
The realization of the official version of the website platform.
Initial development steps of the blockchain technology.
Hard fork of CLT token distribution of all exchange.



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