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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Place to Share Information About Cryptocurrencies

First you have to make an e-mail, I suggest you use 
after that, open  BitcoinTalk  and regesister using the e-mail, you need to know the bitcointalk list is as easy as you think because it is very difficult to enter 

and after you succeed you have to do a post that will add activy which this will make your Bitcoin account rank will rise in the higher rank, so that you can search for a bounty to collect tokens
There are many types of bounty that can be read in this article.  Various bounty programs . Okay, straight to the tutorial, I expect practice right from step # 1 to make it easy to understand later.

Tutorial on How to Join the Social Bounty

Step # 1 Finding Bounty Information

What you have to do first is to find information about the bounty project that is running and usually this bounty info is on the forum. But you don't need to look for it because I will personally share the link here. Collection of Bounty Projects .

Buddy will be directed to the display as below. Please buddy click the bounty project that you want to follow.

Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter
Bitcoin Bounty Information

Step # 2 Preparing an Account

After getting the information and interested in joining one of the desired bounties, you are ready to join the bounty. But before there are some things you have to prepare to join the bounty, namely:
  • Bitcointalk account and bitcointalk profile url . For accounts can register  here . For url profiles for example like this;u=1048386 which can be obtained by step: click Profile >> Click summary >> then copy the url in the browser to just numbers like picture below
    Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter
    url bitcointalk
  • Private Ethereum Wallet . The ethereum wallet is usually used for payments when the bounty expires and keep in mind for the special wallet that only exists on For how to create a personal wallet, you can go to this article  How to create a personal ethereum wallet
  • Facebook account and url . For the creation of this account, my friend must have known about it and the url is like this
  • Twitter account and url . This is the same as Facebook, for example the URL is like this

Step # 3 Search for the Registration Form

In step # 1, you have got the bounty info and are interested in clicking on one of them and certainly there will be quite a lot of information about the bounty project. In step # 3, you just focus on looking for Social Media Bounty  posts,  whether it's Facebook or Twitter .

Below I exemplify the bounty from bitjob whose bounty project is still long and will end on October 12, 2017. You can also join this bounty for the first step just click this .

Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter
social bounty formulir

Above you can see the registration form listed and the steps. But before you go there, you pay attention to the  Term and Rules  or some sort of rules to be able to join the bounty. In the case of the bitjob bounty there are 6 rules. 

Please buddy read the rules first, and if you understand and enter the category that the bounty maker wants, then proceed to registration.

Step # 4 How to register
Furthermore, how to register, for registration may be a little complicated if you do not understand like bitcoinq at the beginning of the bounty. Here I will give a registration tutorial for twitter.
Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter
Registration form
  1. Bitcointalk username  : Fill in your username which can be found in the profile menu in a bitcointalk account. Name = username
  2. Bitcointalk link profile  : Url in step # 2
  3. Twitter profile link  : the url that is in step # 2
  4. Number of follower  : The number of twitter followers you have that you can see in the twitter profile menu.
  5. Ethereum address  : A special personal ethereum wallet that you have. how to make it in step # 2
If all forms have been filled in, please friend, click SUBMIT.

Step # 4 View the Name List

After registration do not immediately work on the task, but first see if your friend's name has been registered or not. To see the list, it will usually be printed on the spreadsheet which is usually located below the registration form as shown below

Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter
Spreadsheet bounty

If you click the spreadsheet link   , please search for your friend's name, usually at the very end. If your friend's name is listed, please do the tasks that are instructed as in  Term and Rule .

Step # 5 Performing Tasks Until End of Bounty

After the registration is complete and your friend's name is printed on the spreadsheet, then only do the tasks ordered until the end of the bounty

General Tasks of Social Bounty

It needs to be known and understood that the general task that is carried out on a social bounty is to share the status of the bounty maker. When they share status, you have to share the status in your profile chronology publicly.

Sometimes there are also tasks that require to make status with #bitjob instances, but only a few. You can see this in the rules of the assignment of each bounty project.



Question: How do you know the end of the bounty?
Answer: To find out it's quite simple actually only need to visit the web from the bounty and this is usually written or can also be visited by ANN THREAD as below

Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter

When you are careful to read the information in the ANN THREAD then you will know when it comes.It is important to understand that ICO is the same as the BOUNTY.

Ask: Is it after the bounty is over?
Answer: Yes, after the ICO or bounty project ends, the task is done.

Question: After what do you do next?
Answer: After the bounty ends, then just wait for payment to the ethereum wallet that you entered during registration at the beginning.

Question: How long will the payment be sent?
Answer: Usually the longest is 1 month or 2 months depending on the bounty maker, usually the payment info will be updated on their social media whether it's Facebook or Twitter.

Ask: How do I know the amount of payment I receive?
Answer: In the spreadsheet you can see the total payment that you will receive later, usually this spreadsheet is also slow to update maybe around 2 weeks after the new bounty ends, you can see the payment amount

Question: Will all bounty pay?
Answer: Not all bounties will pay for the hard work that you have done as I used to go crazybet, the bounty project he did did not pay the members.

Ask: Why is there a bounty that does not pay?
Answer: Usually because the funds they collected from the ICO did not meet their expectations, usually the total funds they wanted were listed in the whitepaper. Also note that this bounty is related to ICO. If their ICO is successful, bounty payments will be accepted.

Evidence that Bounty Legit

Below is proof of the payment of tokens that bitcoinq received from the bounty, whether you want to believe or not, obviously it is the result of several bounties that I have been following in the last few months.
Tutorial on How to Follow the Social Media Bounty Facebook and Twitter
Evidence from Etherscan
The bounty payment that I received recently was from Hive Project Token with a total of 7800 more and if we see the price at  when this article was published it was in the range 0.00003620 ETH per token . Please buddy number myself, how many ETH or BTC do I get.

So that you can be sure and feel you are not deceived because bitcoinq's intentions are only to share like the slogan  "Information about bitcoin and get free bitcoin". You can see it here [  ].

If you want to add up or convert it to BTC, you can visit  and search for the token or coin name in the search field .


Okay, enough info that I can share to my friends all hopefully useful and can add bitcoin purses for free, especially those who haven't got bitcoin at all. Please practice it so you can get used to it later. If you are already proficient, you can join other bounties such as a blog bounty or signature campaign.

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