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Sunday, September 15, 2019

PNGME solution for the development of MSMEs

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      The potential development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is inseparable from the banking support in lending to MSMEs. Every year credit to MSMEs experiences growth and in general the growth is higher than total bank credit. But to get credit/business loans sometimes MSME actors still have difficulty in the process. Seeing all of this, Pngme comes as a solution to the future of MSMEs in particular and the business people and the general public as Mobile Finance Marketplace {Borderless Payments, Lending, and Credit}
         Pngme is a global lending marketplace that gives institutional investors access to an alternative lending asset class. Using blockchain technology, decentralized rate-setting algorithms, and digital-footprint-based credit scoring Pngme creates an open and transparent lending marketplace where borrowers can obtain low-cost capital and investors can access alpha.
       However, the development of MSMEs in the national and international sectors has not yet occurred to the maximum due to various obstacles. From various studies, it can be concluded that the main factors influencing the development of MSMEs are capital, marketing, government policies, and the production system that is implemented. sold in our lending market to investors. Our Credit Assessment API enables seamless integration with borrowers' cellular payment applications to incorporate credit default risk into digital bonds through our Digital Bond API. By providing current and historical credit risk information, investors can determine the price of capital more efficiently and increase the supply of affordable capital for borrowers. with an easy system PNGME users will get services including::

Mobile Payments
Low or fee-less mobile payments in your local or digital currency

Everyday Accounts
Easily create a daily spending account for everyday mobile payments

Loan Marketplace
Lend and borrow money on Pngme at competitive interest rates

Phone image
Credit Score
Algorithmic credit score created from a user's mobile digital footprint

Piggy Bank
Earn interest on the money saved in your Pngme piggy bank account
Earn Pngcoin rewards when you refer friends and save Pngcoinine

To take a closer look at all project details, we recommend reviewing Whitepaper. You can find the official PNGME Blockchain website and project activities on social networks through the following official links.

Official Web Link:

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