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Sunday, November 24, 2019

IAT "instant assets tokens" Providing Real World Solutions & Utilities

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IAT "instant assets tokens" for future real estate development

      Industrial real estate is an important component of global supply chains that makes global goods move from producers to markets. Consumption, trade, supply chain reconfiguration, and e-commerce - all of which are increasing - are the main drivers of demand for industrial real estate. Investors turn to industrial real estate for reliable cash flow and robust valuation
Industrial real estate is a general term for manufacturing, production, research and development, storage, and distribution facilities. While industrial real estate is sometimes overshadowed by more luxurious sectors such as housing, commercial and retail, industrial real estate should not be ignored as an important supporter of global trade and as a class of assets that are resilient and generate income.

Industrial real estate makes the global economy rumble. High-quality, high-quality industrial real estate makes the world's supply chains function, enables trade and e-commerce, and ensures efficient movement of goods from producers to markets.

     Property investment in the Philippines is the highest in Asia,
making it "the most attractive place" for foreign investors in the region, according to the head of property management and research firm Colliers International.
Strong demand in the pre-sales market continues to drive up housing prices, with the most expensive condominium project now valued at around USD 10,000 per square meter. Meanwhile, the demand for leasing remains strong in various business centers, by looking at these prospects through the development of the IAT Platform using an IA Tokens concept aimed at revolutionizing the real estate industry using technology so that it is more efficient, secure and reliable.
    To break the traditional real estate channel, IAT will develop its own web portal to serve individual owners, agents/brokers, clients, and all IA Token holders. This portal will display various functions and various services, one of which is:

  • All Round Transaction Fees
  • Integrity and Security
  • Transparency Transfers
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Limits for Foreign Investors and many more offers which are certainly very beneficial for members and investors

        In short, everything. IAT "instant assets tokens" are the main driver of demand for industrial real estate, which will become consumption accounting for the majority of all future real estate economic activity using renewable block technology. Trade is another key driver of demand. Industrial real estate facilities are a major node in the global trading system, which allows a convenient and efficient movement of goods through the supply chain to the final consumer who all benefit and benefit using the IAT platform

    The IAT will also hold an ICO in which funds raised from this ICO will be used to develop the IAT blockchain and assets will be obtained to form initial properties in the IAT ecosystem. Asset management will be carried out by our existing management company which is currently operating.

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